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House burglaries are a relatively common form of crime in our society
today which is rather puzzling when you consider that technology
now affords us some very sophisticated weapons in our fight against
the common thief.
This is sad, because it is so preventable. Bearing this in mind, you
would be surprised by the number of houses and businesses in the
local area who do not have an alarm fitted, even though the cost is so
If you do not have an alarm fitted, you might wish to contact
Security Solutions
who run a well established security business in the
local area.
They supply house alarms, commercial alarms, CCTV, gates and
barriers and door access systems all of which conform to British
They are happy to call at your property, carry out a full survey and
give you a free estimate for what is required. The final choice is
obviously yours, but if you value your property and possessions, surely
they are worth protecting.
Fire can have devastating results and investment in a reliable and fully
functioning fire alarm system to protect you and your family, or your
business would seem common sense.
Whilst the main focus of a fire protection strategy should be to prevent
fire, should a fire accidentally break out, early automatic fire detection
is essential.
Every second saved through early warning facilities could make the
difference to a site’s ability to recover from a fire without too much
Fire detection systems provide the earliest possible warning of a
developing emergency situation, which in turn, can facilitate safe and
swift evacuation of people from your premises.
All installations conform to strict regulatory standards and the business
operates an ongoing in-house training programme which ensures that
they maintain their exceptionally high quality of service.
Their maintenance and monitoring service, repair, upgrade and
takeover of existing systems in the domestic/residential, commercial
or industrial ensures that your home, business or premises is properly
If you require any security work you would be well advised to contact
the company and discuss your requirements with them.
Prevention has got to be better than cure
The Old Barn, Penilyn Estate,
Cowbridge, CF71 7FF
Tel: 01446 771 111
Fax: 01446 771 122
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