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Finding a reliable builder can sometimes prove to be a difficult task.
This can be made even more difficult if you are new to the area and do
not know anyone.
Gwyn G. Jones & Sons
of Cowbridge come highly recommended and
have a wide range of building services available, including all the
traditional disciplines of extensions, alterations, refurbishments and
new build.
Like all reputable building contractors, their range of services is too
numerous to list, however, they are able to handle anything involved
with building and construction.
The ethos of the business encompasses time honoured values with
modern and progressive thinking both of which have been embodied
in the business since it was first established.
Everyone involved in the company believes in these traditional values
which offer good quality work at fair and honest prices.
Whilst this thinking underpins everything they do, they also appreciate
that their clients should expect honesty, integrity and the use of highly
skilled traditional tradesmen in providing an excellent product.
Like any business, they are open to change and consider themselves
as forward thinking and progressive in their attitude.
The building industry and their code of practice is constantly under
review and subject to change. Gwyn G. Jones always ensure they
operate within these guidelines.
Being a business which thinks their customer is their most important
asset, they have adopted certain standards which they believe are
important. Some of these are listed below.
Irrespective of the task being completed, they will always ensure that
the areas being worked on are kept clean, tidy and above all, offer a
safe working environment.
Their customers can expect all tasks to be overseen from the start
of the process right through to completion. This will make sure that
everything which needs to be done, is done and is completed in the
correct order.
Whilst their can always be problems, the objective of the business is to
complete the job, on time and on budget. You can also expect to be
regularly updated on progress and involved in any major decisions.
The business is also Gas Safe Registered which means they are
fully approved to carry out gas, boiler and plumbing repairs and
Last, but not least, they will never leave a task until the customer is
satisfied with the work carried out. If you are looking for a building
contractor, you would do well to contact Gwyn G. Jones & Sons.
Gwyn G. Jones & Sons - Commercial, Industrial and Domestic
Tel/Fax: 01446 773 011
Mobile: 07976 299 445
Gwyn G. Jones & Sons Ltd.
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