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Budget Checklist
Disposable Income
Box (A) minus Box (B)
Your mortgage provider will advise you how much you can borrow.
This is dependant upon a number of issues: Size of deposit, monthly
expenditure etc.
Monthly Expenditure
Gas and Electricity
Telephone and Mobile Telephone Bills
Council Tax
Food and Drink
Credit Cards and Store Cards
Other Standing Orders and Direct Debits
Hire Purchase Payments
Monthly Income Figures
Your Monthly Salary
Partners Monthly Salary
Any Overtime/Commission
Any Other Income
Total Monthly Income
Insurance Policies and Pension Plans
Travelling Expenses
(Petrol/Road Tax/Insurance/Running Costs)
Family Clothing
Savings for Holidays or Savings Plans
TV or other Licences
Any Other Expenses
Total Monthly (B)
1...,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31 33,34,35,36