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House purchase is the largest single investment most of us make in
our lifetime and to consider such a purchase without the benefit of
professional advice from a company such as
Nigel Phillips MRICS
would seem, to say the least, imprudent.
Yet that is exactly what the majority of home buyers tend to do. Most
house purchasers still rely on the Valuation Report prepared by their
mortgage lender, although that report is primarily for the lenders own
purposes and is based purely on financial grounds and not on any
structural basis.
A detailed survey such as Homebuyer Survey and Valuation or the
more in-depth Building Structural Survey should be considered as a
bare minimum irrespective of the age or condition of the property.
These surveys are aimed at identifying defects which require repair
in order to prevent further deterioration and possible associated
The survey will also draw attention to defects which can have
a significant affect on value and can form the basis for further
negotiation on the purchase price. Often, the cost of the survey is
only a fraction of the saving made through renegotiation.
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Homebuyer Survey and
Valuation is suited to most residential property. Obviously the cost
of a survey will vary depending on the purchase price and type of
property, as well as the type of survey required.
Nigel Phillips is an experienced independent surveyor with a wealth
of knowledge and experience in survey and valuation work in South
Wales and adjacent areas.
He is used to working with major mortgage lenders and is well
known to local Estate Agents and Solicitors. Nigel Phillips provides a
personal service, is approachable and friendly and is very willing to
discuss which survey or valuation in his opinion, is most suited to your
Following the inspection, he will discuss his findings with you and
advise you on the best course of action.
When you are about to make such a large investment in your new
property, it makes common sense to carry out a survey and ensure
real peace of mind. Nigel Phillips is ready, willing and very able to
help you achieve this.
Such a small price to pay for peace of mind
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Mobile: 07858 400 688
Nigel Phillips MRICS
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